Deceptive 50

Soundtrack zum Film "Deceptive 50"

Deceptive 50

Erscheinungsdatum: 5. Januar 1998


Track Titel Interpret

1 Thundersley Invacar Collapsed Lung

2 Stutter Elastica

3 Alkaline Scarfo

4 Come And Gone Snuff

5 I See Red Unun

6 Give Me Daughters Jonathan Fire Eater

7 Annihilate Now Idlewild

8 Drowning By Numbers Placebo

9 Be My Light Be My Guide Gene

10 That Good One Meices

11 Teenage Girl Crush Angelica

12 Mea Culpa Blues (It's My Fault) Colouring Lesson

13 Smile It's Sugar Spare Snare

14 Shine On Me Prisoners

15 On Me Not In Me Earl Brutus & Alan Vega

16 Bar Bar Bar Elastica

17 Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads Snuff

18 I Want You Scarfo

19 Connection Collapsed Lung